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    Worst feeling

    Worst feeling in the world when you start to feel like all your friends who you tried to do your best to help and do everything for them, have forgotten about you. I guess part of its my fault…

    Todays still yesterday. Late night mental venting

    Sitting in my bed at 12:30 wanting to sleep. But cant. Ive got all these thoughts going thru my head, how fucked i made my life, and how fcked it was to begin with. How i fuck up whats best in my life. I feel like im falling apart from the inside out. Like these walls of strength i maintained for so long are finally starting to cave in. Is there anything really left for me to see? What am i still doing here when i shulda been gone years ago? Ive become nothing but a mess this last year. I dont feel like i just cross over the edge, but i flew the fuck off it. And my shrink said im almost done with therapy. Lol…

    iwanttofeelyouherewithme asked:
    Good job on not cutting :') keep it up!

    This is prolly old af. Yea it was a good run while it lasted…



    benedict cumberbatch harasses a black youth

    this is the fifth time I’ve reblogged this i don’t care

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    The world didn’t get worse, homie, your eyes just got wider.
    fuckin deep ass top comment on youtube. (via wteverrr)

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    Teen quotes

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    I can relate to this

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